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Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat pump is a devices that transfer thermal energy using electricity.The heat pump water heater uses heat to heat water instead of directly generating it. It absorbs heat from its surroundings, effectively "pumping" it from one place to another.As technology has evolved, heat pumps have become one of the most efficient, convenient, and feasible alternatives to heating water.


Hamsa Enviro Energy Solution

heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump For Domestic and Commercial


Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump

​ Product Features:

  • Swimming Pool heating & cooling

  • Hot water temperature range 8-40’c

  • Energy saving up to 80%

  • Environment friendly refrigerant

  • Titanium heat exchanger

  • Automatic controls

  • Multi-functional controller

  • Efficient scroll compressor

  • High efficient shell & tube heat exchanger

  • U & V shape design


Monoblock Heat Pump

​   Product Features:

  • Hot water outlet temperature 55’c

  • Built-in water circulating Pump

  • Automatic controls

  • Multi-functional controller

  • Automatic breakdown self-check

  • High efficient rotary compressor

  • Environment friendly refrigerant

  • Clean & simple installation

  • Storage Tanks combination 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L


High Temperature Heat Pumps

​   Product Features:

  • Water outlet temperature up 80’c

  • Capacity available up to 200 kW

  • Higher capacity models available on request

  • Wide ambient range 0-45’c

  • Environment friendly green refrigerant

  • Top brand scroll/screw compressor

  • Modbus connectivity

  • Protective system with Thermostat, Pressure switch & overload protector

  • Flow monitoring


Air Source Heat Pump for Sanitary Hot Water

Product Features:

  • Hot water temperature 55’c

  • Energy saving up 75%

  • Environment friendly refrigerant

  • Automatic controls

  • Multi-functional controller

  • Efficient scroll compressor

  • High efficient shell & tube heat exchanger

  • U, V & X shape design

Positive (1)12.jpg

Solar water heater integrated with heat pump


  • 24/7 Hassel free hot water

  • Auto change over when there is no sunlight

  • Reduces 70% of energy cost

  • No dependancy on other hotwater system

  • Centralised system with low maintainence

  • Can save lots of water by installing circulatory in hot water line.

  • Reduces the Co2 emmision & releasing cool air to environment

  • Increases the beauty of bath room by avoiding electrical geysers

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