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automatic water level controller dealers in bangalore

Automatic Water Level Controller Dealers, Distributors Bangalore

An automatic water level controller is a device used to manage water levels in tanks, reservoirs, or other storage systems. It automates filling and maintaining water levels, preventing overflows and dry running of pumps.  These systems utilize sensors, controllers, and actuators to manage water usage and minimize waste efficiently.

We are the leading dealer, distributor, and supplier of water flow meters, Water level control panels,  Hot water recirculation control panels, and Electrical flow switches, across South India.

automatic water level controller distributors in bangalore
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Water Flow Meter

Automatic Water Level Controller Dealer, Distributor in Bangalore


  • Water Conservation: Prevents wastage of water by avoiding overflows.

  • Energy Savings: Reduces energy consumption by operating the pump only when necessary.

  • Convenience: Automates the process, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and control.

  • Protection of Pump: Prevents dry running, which can damage the pump.





  • Low Water Level Detection: The sensor sends a signal to the controller when the water level falls below a pre-set minimum level.

  • Pump Activation: The controller activates the water pump to fill the tank.

  • High Water Level Detection: Once the water reaches the maximum level, the sensor sends a signal to the controller.

  • Pump Deactivation: The controller turns off the pump to prevent overflow.


  • Residential water tanks

  • Industrial water storage

  • Agricultural irrigation systems

  • Sewage treatment plants

automatic water level controller dealer, distributor in bangalore

Water Flow Meter, Electric Flow Switch Suppliers

water flow meter suppliers, dealer in bangalore

Water Flow Meter Dealer

A water flow meter is a device used to measure the volume or flow rate of water passing through a pipe or system. These water flow meters are essential tools for managing water resources, ensuring accurate billing, detecting leaks, and optimizing water usage

electrical folw switch dealer, distributor in bangalore

Electrical flow switches 

Electrical flow switches are devices used to detect the flow of electrically conductive liquids (such as water or other fluids) in a pipe or conduit. These electric flow switches are employed in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications to monitor and control the flow of fluids

Water Level Control panels, Hot water Recirculation Control Panels Suppliers

water level control panel supplier, distributor in bangalore

 Water level Control Panel

A water level control panel is essential for operating and managing pump systems across various industries. This automatic water level controller provides the interface and control mechanisms to start, stop, monitor, and protect pump operations. 

Benefits Of Water Level Control Panel:

  • Water Conservation

  • Energy Savings

  • Convenience and Automation Protection of Equipment

  • Cost Savings

  • Increased System Lifespan

  • Safety

  • Customization and Scalability Environmental Benefits

hot water recirculation control panel distributor, supplier in bangalore

Hot water recirculation control panel distributor

Hot water recirculation control panels are designed to manage and control hot water distribution in plumbing systems efficiently, ensuring instant hot water availability and minimizing water waste. These features of the Hot water recirculation control panel ensure that hot water recirculation systems are efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable to various residential and commercial applications.


Benefits Of Hot Water Recirculation Control Panel:

  • Programmable Timer

  • Temperature Contro

  • Smart Control Integration

  • Customization and Expandability

  • Efficiency

  • Protection

  • Convenience

  • Reliability

  • Energy Savings

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