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rain water harvesting filter dealers in bangalore

Rain water Harvesting Filters In Bangalore

A rainwater harvesting filter is essential in a rainwater collection system, ensuring the water collected is clean and suitable for its intended use. Rainwater harvesting is an effective method to collect and store rainwater for various uses, and the quality of the collected water can be significantly improved using appropriate filtration systems.


we are the leading dealer, distributor, and supplier of NEERAIN rainwater filters for homes & borewells across Bangalore.

eain water harvesting filter distributors in bangalore

Rain water Harvesting Filter in Bangalore

Rain harvesting filter is a crucial component in rainwater collection systems for borewells, rooftops, and home rain harvesting. They help to ensure that the collected rainwater is clean and safe for various uses such as irrigation, flushing toilets, and even for drinking with proper treatment.

rainwater harvesting filter for homes in bangalore
roof top rainwater harvesting filter in bangalore


    Types of rainwater harvesting filter

  1. Mesh Filters: These are usually the first line of defense against debris such as leaves, twigs, and other larger particles. They are often placed at the inlet of the collection system to prevent these materials from entering the storage tank.

  2. Gutter Guards: Installed in gutters, these filters prevent larger debris from entering the system, reducing the maintenance required for other filters.

  3. First Flush Diverters: These diverters are designed to divert the initial flow of rainwater away from the storage tank, which helps to flush out pollutants that may have accumulated on the roof between rain events. They are handy for removing dust, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

  4. Downspout Filters: Placed in downspouts, these filters further remove debris that may have bypassed the mesh filters or gutter guards.

  5. Fine Filters: These filters remove smaller particles, sediment, and dissolved solids from the rainwater. They are typically placed after the first flush diverter and are crucial for ensuring water quality, especially if the harvested rainwater is intended for potable use.

  6. Carbon Filters: For rainwater that will be used for drinking, carbon filters can be employed to remove impurities, and odors, and improve taste.

  7. UV Sterilization: While not technically a filter, UV sterilization systems are often used in conjunction with filtration to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that may be present in rainwater, making it safe for drinking.

Proper maintenance of rain harvesting filters is essential to ensure the efficiency and longevity of a rain harvesting system. Regular cleaning and replacement of filter elements, especially after heavy rainfall or during periods of high debris accumulation, are necessary to prevent clogging and maintain water quality.

Considerations for Choosing Rainwater harvesting Filter

  • Water Quality Needs: Depending on the intended use of the harvested water (e.g., irrigation, drinking, household use), the filtration requirements will vary.

  • Maintenance: Consider the ease of maintenance and the frequency with which the filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

  • Cost: Evaluate the cost of initial installation and ongoing maintenance.

  • System Size: The size of your rainwater harvesting system will influence the type and number of filters needed.

NeeRainSS Rooftop Rainwater Filter Dealer and Distributor

Features of rainwater harvesting filter

  • Two stages of filtration.

  • The filter element 1 - SS 304 non-clogging V-wire Filter - 500 Micron

  • Filter Element 2 - Polymeric Filter – 200 Micron

  • Transparent Lid, one can see harvesting live.

  • Inlet and Outlet size – 110 mm.

  • Suitable for a roof area of 150 M2

rooftop rain water harvesting filter dealer in bangalore

Ultra rooftop rainwater filter dealer and distributor


  • No water loss

  • No Stagnant Impurities

  • Live Monitoring

  • Microfiltration up to 200 Microns

  • Low plumbing cost

  • Reverse Y filtration

  • Ready to fix

  • Long performance life

  • Saves bore well

  • No Maintenance headache

  • No recurring cost

  • No Consumables

  • No Electricity

  • No Human Intervention

rainwater harvesting filter distributors in bangalore

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