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Water Softener Systems

A Water Softener effectively removes >99% of hardness minerals from your water supply and periodically regenerates the softening media consuming both water and salt, and adding some salt to the water. These units are the most effective at reducing hardness spotting and scale build-up on external surfaces such as glass and tile, while also effectively protecting your plumbing and appliances from internal scale build-up.

The phrase "Choose quality in purity with affordable price" accurately describes the water softner systems offered by HAMSA ENVIRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS.

Water softeners are systems where calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium ions. First, the hard water comes into the building through the fresh water line. Instead of being sent to the fixtures, it is directed into a tank filled with resin beads filled with sodium ions. The sodium ions are exchanged for the calcium and magnesium, and the water flows up out of the tank and continues through the fresh water lines to shower heads, faucets and other fixtures.


Hamsa Enviro Energy Solution

Water Softener

Pressure Sand Filters

Water Treatment Systems Benefits and Applications

Pressure Sand Filters and Carbon Filters

The pressure sand filters consists of multiple layers of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. These filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. These filters are custom designed to suit the process requirement

Activated carbon filters are designed to remove free chlorine and other dissolved gasses and organic matter that give undesirable odour, smell and colour to raw water and waste water


Sand Filters


  • Removal of turbidity

  • Removal of suspended particles

​ Applications:

  • Irrigation water Storm water

  • Preparation of cooling water

  • Treatment of waste water Production of drinking water Filtration in swimming pools

  • Pre filtration for membrane systems Filtration of grey or surface water Removal of lron,sediment,odeur,

  • Water in fountains and other water features


Carbon Filters


Remove Chlorine, colour, organic molecules, bad taste and odor effectively

Best way to removes large organic molecules

Chloramine's removal

VOC (Volatilic organic compounds) reduction

TOC ( Total organic carbon) reduction.


Drinking  water purification and water processing

Condensate and contact water treatment

Waste water and sewage treatment

Pool Aquarium filtering

RO Pre-treatment

Household water treatment

Industries, Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels Etc.

Mini Automatic and Manual Water Softening Systems


Mini Automatic Water Softener Systems

​   Product Features:

  • Fully automatic microprocessor-controlled operation.

  • Self operation without assistance of technician at time of regeneration.

  • LCD display at front cover for direct visibility of the operation.

  • Maintenance fme, durable & volume base automatic Multiport valve.

  • Compact design seeks nominal space.

  • Sleek & stylish yet long durable cabinet.

  • High intensity inbuilt FRP resin tank.

  • Brine valve assembly with float valve.

  • Ideal for Bathroom, Washing machine, Dish washer, Gas geyser

  • Individual Flat & bungalow.


Mini Manual Water Softener

Product Features:

  • No electricity required

  • Easy to install & operate

  • Less space required & Prevent scaling

  • Efficient ion exchange process

  • Automatic refill From Brine tank


  • Single Bathroom,

  • Dish washer, Water heater,

  • Beauty Saloon, Spa, Laundry

Commercial Water Treatment Systems

commercial water treatment treatment systems are used to treat large volumes of water through manual and fully automatic systems, at high flow rates(10m-50m). We are one of the leading providers of cutting edge commercial water purification systems. We offer a variety of water treatment Equipment capable of meeting the most demanding  water treatment needs, including custom commercial water purification systems for producing highly pure water.


Commercial Water Softener Systems


  • Drinking water purification and water processing

  • Condensate and contact water treatment

  • Waste water and sewage treatment

  • Swimming pool filteration

  • RO Pre-treatment


  1. Hotels and PG's

  2. Industries

  3. Hospitals

  • electrical geysers

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